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8300 Router with Layer 2 module

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Thanks for any help guys. This is probably a dumb question but I can't seem to get it working...

I have an 8300 router with an 8-port layer 2 module. I have a layer 3 port set up with multiple subinterfaces as a trunk that goes to a switch in another location. And I have a layer 2 port set up as an access port on the layer 2 module.

There are 2 endpoints, lets say and I have 100.2 plugged into the access port, and 100.3 plugged into the switch in another location. If I put the gateway IP of on the subinterface, then I can reach 100.3 but not 100.2. If I create an SVI with the gateway on it, then I can reach 100.2 but not 100.3. Both the subinterface encap vlan and the access port vlan are the same, vlan 100.

How can I set this router up so both devices can reach the gateway?

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a routed port with subinterfaces is not the same as a vlan trunk!
as a result both vlan-100 are different networks (even when using the same vlan-id )

-> simplest solution is to use different subnets and route between the subnets
like and  (.0 is the network address, you can use.1 for the router and .2 or .3 for the hosts)
you can still use vlan-100 on both sides, but it will be less confusing to use vlan-100 and vlan-101)

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as per the diagram both end devices show same IP address,

you need to provide show run config of both switch and router to check the config.



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