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ADSL and Cellular WAN link redundancy


Dear All,


We've a WAN connection between HQ and Branches, a FlexVPN configuration with 2 hubs at the HQ HUb1 and Hub 2 plus one hub at DR sites. Branches have ISR1000 routers with ADSL WAN Link and 3/4G Cellular. we want to use both ADSL & Cellular links for WAN connectivity to the HQ. we've tried to create two tunnels 0 & 1 respectively for ADSL & Cellular links, but tunnel 0 is active and tunnel 1 never comes up. And in addition to the above we want branch routers to connect to DR sites when both HQ Hubs are not available and please advise on the issue.

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Can I see config of spoke and both hub

here attached are running configs

Hi friend, 
the config of Spoke have only one tunnel "tunnel0".

use both need to config two Tunnel each tunnel will use to forward specific traffic. 
why you select flexVPN?

Thanks for your valuable responses.


Here attached is Spoke running template configured on branch routers.


FlexVPN is selected by customer engineers. and the network is on production with these issues

any idea please ?



what do you want to achieve ? Redundancy (one active/one backup) or both links up at the same time ? What are the IP SLAs for (you are not tracking anything as far as I can see) ?


Post the running configuration of the Spoke in a more readable format (sh run) if possible...

Dear All,


please find attached spoke running config. what we want to achieve is to have active standby tunnel using ADSL & Cellular Links to HQ & DR sites.


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