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Aironet 1130AG

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                   Hello, I'm trying to configure the 1130AG from scratch but I'm not having any luck. Could someone please help me with this issue? I tried using the IPSU utility and entered the MAC address but it errors, "The device does not answer". I have connected it to a network so it can get an IP from DHCP but it doesn't respond. And when it boots up from factory reset there is no SSID broadcast for me to connect to. I have tried connecting through the Ethernet port and the Console port to my computer but no luck. Please help.

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John Blakley
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

If you can get a console connection to come up at all, you need to do a "show version". If it shows you that the model number is -lap, then you won't be able to use this AP without a wireless lan controller. You need an autonomous ap.


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No worries, figured it out. Thanks so much for your help.

First of you have Access MAc bind that mac in dhcp and when that ip is pingalbe access that ip form web browser.

When  you connect an 1100 series access point with a  default configuration  to your LAN, the 1100 series access point makes  several attempts to get  an IP address from the DHCP server. If it does  not receive an address,  it assigns itself the IP address for  five minutes. During  this five-minute window, you can browse to the  default IP address and  configure a static address. If after five minutes  the access point is  not reconfigured, it discards the address  and reverts to  requesting an address from the DHCP server. If it does  not receive an  address, it sends requests indefinitely. If you miss the  five-minute  window for browsing to the access point at, you can   power-cycle the access point to repeat the process.

After then u can configure it using GUI.

That will be easy for you to configure.

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