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Hello,Our network is running MPLS using BGP at several remote sites. Some of these remote sites do not have a separate internet connection so their internet traffic is backhauled to our data center on the east coast. We are opening an additional data...

hi there,I'm having some issues getting our OSPF route selection to work properly.From two separate data-centres (HK and AMS) we're redistributing BGP routes in to OSPF and tagging different subnets via route-maps.The tags are because we have some si...

davidjinx by Beginner
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Hi all,I have a Cisco ME3800X switch to which I've tried to set a default gateway using the command ip default gateway for management purposes. After noticing this switch's management sessions do not go through the ACL on that gateway, ...

laviel by Cisco Employee
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Hola,I have an office with two stacked 3750x switches as collapsed distribution, connected to two 2951 CE routers. The routers are peering EBGP with my service provider using BGP and filtering out all routes except An outbound route ...

                   Is this possible?I have VLAN100  vrf100VLAN200 vrf200VLAN300 vrf300vlan100172.16.1.1 vrf forwarding vrf100vlan 200ip address vrf forwardng vrf200vlan300ip address vrf...

whanson by Explorer
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Hi all,I have tried searching around for relevant guide to configure SPAN session in IOS XR, but I couldn't find any. There is no "monitor session" command in IOS XR, I need help from anyone here, how do I configure SPAN in IOS XR?Appreciate and than...

danny2125 by Beginner
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Hi Everyone can someone pls tell me the difference between the two lines belown in an access-list. permit icmp any any time-exceededandpermit icmp any any ttl-exceededThanksAfshan

Hi,i have one problem in our office.Iam sitting in the HO location.In the HO location symantec server is available.This symantec server daily send the update to the client location.Due to this update Most of the bandwidth it takes.So the users are no...

kumarpmt83 by Beginner
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Hello,Sorry for this newbie question , but in my small CCNA LAB I have :CISCO 1841 (with 4 ethernet por module to be able to use VTP in this router) + CISCO 2940From one of the optional module in the CISCO 1841 I go with a trunck to the CISCO 2940.Th...

Resolved! TFTP Service

All,  i am trying to find a way to verify that the TFTP service is not running on the router.  i issued the no tftp-server flash: <ios> and it accepted it even though it does not show up in the show running config.   any docs would be helpful.       ...

iceman6684 by Beginner
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