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Basic Static Routing

Hi, I have a following GNS3 topology where router R1 connects to two different subnets (10.0.0.x/24) and (192.168.0.x/24). Interface g0/0 has address and g1/0 has There is ethernet switch connected on both sides on which there are three clients each. How can reach Topology attached.


Re: Basic Static Routing

Hi @rutvijbrahmbhatt 


Since the two networks are directly connected to the same router, you just have to make sure that the PCs have the correct gateway.
If this IP is the corresponding one, you should have a successful ping.



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Re: Basic Static Routing


As both switches are Layer 2 switch and there is no VLAN or No VLAN routing is configured. Your PC1 or PC2 is having gateway IP of the Router's Interface. Then how is it working?

1. PC1 will be trying to Ping PC4. PC1 will found that this is an outside network with help of OR operation. Then PC1 will send the packet to the Default Gateway which is Router's interface IP address.

2. Here, the Router will receive the packet and check for Destination IP address in the Layer 3 header (I skipped packet flow process) and found as PC4 in the destination so it will lookup for the routing table (If CEF enabled then CEF entry) and found that this is directly connected network on other interfaces then it will forward the packet to the egress interface.

3. Packet will receive on PC4, process the request and the reply packet will send back to the gateway and it performs the same route lookup process and will send back to the PC1.


Here, As I mentioned that I skipped the many steps as Layer 2 header process, CEF activities, etc. 


Deepak Kumar,
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Re: Basic Static Routing

These are local networks from the perspective of the router, if the interfaces are in no shutdown status they will automatically be able to ping each other, when you turn on an interface that haves its ip address configured it will be added to the routing table as directly connected.

If pcs on both ends have their ip parameter right (ip, mask and gateway) they will be able to ping each other.
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