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BGP Advertise-map with route-map out

I am experiencing this strange behavior when configuring advertise-map with route-map out filtering.
From my lab testing, advertise-map only work with route-map out if they reference the same route-map or if there is no route-map out at all. For example: 

neig advertise-map A exist-map B
neig route-map A out

This will stop announcing network referenced by route-map A if network referenced by route-map B is not received.

The problem is when you configure the following:

neig advertise-map A exist-map B
neig route-map C out

This do not work. No matters if the networks referenced by route-map A are excluded or included in route-map C. 

If included, then the conditional advertisment do not work, I mean, if network referenced by route-map B is not received, the net referenced by route-map A is still announced because of the route-map C allows it.

If excluded, even when the net referenced by route-map B exist, the net referenced by route-map A is filtered by route-map C.

Can any of you can confirm if this is normal o some kind of bug? 
Can anyone point to the documentaiton when this is explained?

In this discussion the issue remains unsolve BGP advertise-map vs route-map filtering - Cisco Community

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this is order I know 
but I need to know more about you network 
you make condition about advertise the prefix then you filter it by route-map ??

I want to advertise always network X, Y, Z (included in route-map out) and then make the advertisement of network W (included in the advertise-map) conditioned by the existance of another network V (included in exist-map) in the routing table.

Acording to my lab testing, this can't be done because:
- if I include the network W in the route-map out, then the advertisement of network W is not conditional and always get advertised as long as it exist in the BGP table, no matter if network V exist or not in my routing table.
- if network W is not included in route-map out, then the route-map out will always filter the advertisement of network W. 

The only way I found for this to work is to make the advertisement of network X, Y and Z also conditioned by the exist-map, that is: use the same route-map for the advertise-map and for the route-map out. But this is not what I want. Another solution is to delete the route-map out and announce to peer all my BGP table, and then configure the advertise-map for network W. The problem with this is that I dont want to advertise all my BGP table.

I am asking if this is the right behaviour or some bug.

Thank you

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