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I am planning to deploy a spanning tree loop between 2 of my Layer 2 MPLS routers and am looking at the "l2protocol forward" combined with "xconnect" to do so. However, I have some questions about how this works       1. So I already have a Layer 2 ...

ronit by Beginner
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Hi BGP experts,How does default-information originate advertise default route? We have lots ISPs and we are only asking those ISPs to advertise default routes to our network. We are connected to ISPs using eBGP.One of our ISP router advertise 0.0.0....

jpl861 by Enthusiast
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Good afternoon,   I am currently trying to understand the nuances of making loopback testing for a Cisco 9300 Switch coming from a Cisco 3850.  Below I have listed the series on commands used when performing a loopback test on a 3850 Switch.  Would s...

vondoom2 by Beginner
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Hi all, i am hoping to get your assistance ... we have a flat network where EVERYTHING runs on VLAN1, even to CE interface - oh boy! please forgive me in advance as i am not very familiar with routing...   presently, i have a c9200 switch, our CE con...

HamDawg by Beginner
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I was trying this example : the serial it shows invalid interface type and number, how can I solve this ?for the fa it shows invalid mask , why are they putting m...

sumerfat by Beginner
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Hello expertsWe have a Cisco C892FSP-K9 Router we need SSLVPN25-K9 licenses for, but they are no longer shown in the datasheet.What would be the replacement part number for these licenses on my router? 

Hi,We are going to implement Flexible Netwflow on ASR1002X and we want to use the SCTP protocol for Exporting the Data. We wonder which IOS XE version supports the SCTP protocol? We checked several IOS from 15.4 to 16.09 but the feature was not suppo...