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C1111 - Port-channel

Hi everyone,


I just got a hold of a new C1111 router, and I was just wondering is there a particular reason that you can only put routed interfaces (Gi0/0/0 and Gi0/0/1) as members of port-channel or am I doing something wrong here ??? If that's the only option, I guess the idea behind this is just to create redundancy or increase bandwidth on an UPLINK. I would like to create port-channel towards my LAN network, but there is no option to put channel-group command on switched interfaces (Gi0/1/0 - Gi0/1/3).


Thanks you for your response

Giuseppe Larosa
Hall of Fame Master

Hello @SZ1111 ,

I think it is a device limitation caused mainly by its performance it can not support to have multiple gigabit of traffic going through it.

It is an edge device.


Hope to help



Hi Guiseppe

I think that you might be right and that might indeed be the reason, however that said, Port-channels are used for other things than just increasing traffic flow.

I think its a sad thing that Cisco does not recognize the value of this feature for the edge routers.


The Cisco 1111-4p has 2 Routing ports and a 4 port switch.

That means I can get several different options for redundancies on the external interfaces.

I would love to have the possibility to connect a Port-channel to a switch/switch stack/VPC/2nd router to get link redundancy on the inside too. (Yes spanning tree is one option, but not the one i prefer!)


The most irritating part is that the command is half there, you can do the port-channel command but you can not add the number.

The ISR4221 has the identical problem when you add a 4 port switch module to it.


If anyone at Cisco is seeing this please consider adding this properly to the switch modules, it would help a lot with fault tolerance designs.


Best Regards


I have solved this limitation by moving UPLINKS to switched ports, and used routed ports (where i can create Port-channel) towards the LAN network where I have stacked switches.