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Cisco 1941 w/PoE power PfR/OER and PoE issues

So I found some time to open up the new 1941ISR's I am

supose to be testing for the field.  I am having hellish DMVPN issues but I will post about that later.

I am confused, lost, or just missdirected on the PoE and PfR functions of the 1941 or 15.0.1M4 IOS

I have no PfR, OER, or PoE commands in my CLI

For example the OER or PfR issue:

Edge1941-201#config t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
Edge1941-201(config)#oer ?
% Unrecognized command
Edge1941-201(config)#pfr ?
% Unrecognized command

parameter-map  parser   password          policy-manager
policy-map     ppp      printer           priority-list
privilege      process  process-max-time  prompt


As you can see above, no OER, or PFR commands are in the global config, where did they go?  The docs say the new 15.0 IOS support EIGRP route

injection with PfR and DMVPN. but when you read to set it up it states a prereq is to have OER functioning on the router?  Some help on how to get it

working with no syntacs would be helpfull...

Now the inline power issue:

Edge1941-201#sh po?
policy-manager  policy-map

Edge1941-201#config t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
policy-manager  policy-map


as you can see I have no "Sh inline power" command, or any other inline PoE commands weather in the interface config or global?  Its great I have the

PoE power supplies with no command line to turn the function on for my PoE ether card.

  I am guessing I was not paying attention during the evolution that took place between 12.4 and 15.0 so any help pointing me in the right direction would

be great.  if I get some help I might just even post my latest DMVPN issue, or lack of DMVPN I should say.  This is more of a IPsec/crypto issue on the 1941,

but again for another time.

Sorry if I sound cranky, but I am.  Leave it to Cisco to screw up my week....



Jung Sun Lee

Please use Feature navigator:

According to quick search on this, you need feature set for DATA.

Do you have the right license?  With the new 1900, 2900, and 3900 routers running 15, you need to have a license to enable the feature set Jung mentioned.  With 12.4T you could download a different IOS image for each feature set.  With the new routers you download a universal image and then install a license.  As Jung mentioned you'll need the Data license.  You can check the current licenses on your router in "show version" and "show license"


Hi Kathleen,

I have a similar issue and I had followed your suggestion and confirmed that the data feature is set active in use.

Any assistance on how to enable POE on 1941 would be very helpful.

Index 3 Feature: datak9                        

        Period left: Life time

        License Type: RightToUse

        License State: Active, In Use

        License Count: Non-Counted

        License Priority: Low