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Cisco 2900 Router Feature Licensing Issue


HI All ,

we have cisco 2900 router and because of a Bug we are unable to configure PBR on it . we had the same issue with cisco 2800 but after upgrade the IOS image it has been fixed now . 

My Question is , if i will upgrade the IOS image of Cisco 2900 it will be compatiable with the existing license or we have to buy new license to enable secuirty features etc....

please advise .

regards ,

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I have a brand new Cisco 2901 Router.  Like aslam.bajwa in this thread, PBR was not working on our Cisco 2901 ISR.  Does the Cisco 2901 ISR require an additional license for PBR? (Answer = NO, see link (1) below)

Do I need an IOS update to fix the problem? (Answer = NO, see Revision Nov 20, 2012 below).

If an upgrade is needed, will this break the router's SEC license as aslam.bajwa is concerned about?  (NOT ANSWERED)

My router is a Cisco 2901/K9, version 1.0, purchased Aug 2012.

Cisco IOS Software, C2900 Software (C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.1(4)M4, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Installed Licensing/Packages:  ipbasek9 and securityk9

Reference Links:

1)  Cisco 2900 ISR Product Support for PBR with IPBaseK9 licensing is described as "Software Activation - none " and

"On each shipped device IPBase software activation key is installed by default."


Nov 20, 2012:  The PBR was working in my Cisco 2901 ISR.  A sequence of scripted configuration commands in the Cisco 2901 was causing a disconnect in one of our ISP routers (an SMC cablemodem/router) which made it look like the PBR was not working.  My PBR issues are resolved and it is working reasnably well.  My problem turned out to not be license related.

Nov 6, 2012:  Added Link to document that specifies Cisco 2900 ISR supports PBR by default.

Nov 5, 2012:  Clarify that the problem of PBR not working on Cisco 2900 is common to 2 subscribers to this thread.

Please open new thread for new problem,s and documente them completely with configuration, etc.

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