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Cisco Packet Tracer - OSPF reference bandwidth unable to be changed

Level 1
Level 1

I applied the following command to my routers "auto-cost reference-bandwidth 10000" to change the reference bandwidth and, as expected, all OSPF costs where multiplied by around 100 from the default setting. However, when I saved and reopened to program all bandwidth costs were reverted back to the default.

Ip route entries - these should all be aprox 100 times higher

Even if I go to insert the command reference-bandwidth command again, there are no changes to the OSPF cost. I need to use a saved file where these commands were not previously used to see results which are nullified when the file is saved. Im using "copy run start" and still the effect in OSPF cost doesn't hold after saving.


What would be causing this?

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Martin L

It could be PT bug; remember PT is just a sim to simulate real IOS; it is not real IOS, not all features are included and those that are may or may not behave as real IOS or device (Cisco and not)

You can attach your PT file here (must be in a zip format).

Regards, ML
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not sure what is going on. I created the small lab attached, saved it, reopened it, and the elevated cost values stayed the same. When you exit Packet Tracer, make sure you click 'Yes' when asked if you want to save the changes...

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