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EIGRP 199 is used between HO & BR router but no any neighborship is formed.   NOTE: no any config is done on ISP switch, it's just a L2 switch. Point to point is pinging.  [TOPOLOGY is attached below]   CONFIG:HOhostname HO!boot-start-markerboot-end-...

So this may seem like an ignorant question but I'm a bit seems to me that when you have a VLAN in a purely switched environment you can control what Endstations on those vlans can communicate with other endstations simply by using the a...

kellcom by Beginner
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Buenas tardes, Me gustaría su apoyo con lo siguiente referente a un equipo Router ISR 2951: ¿Cual es la capacidad de Throughput recomendado/máximo?En la documentación oficial de cisco he encontrado que lo recomendado son 75 mbps¿Para dicho modelo, es...

ZKings by Beginner
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Hi,   I have a router where i need to do some sumarization. I will have some of the sumarized routes in route table but some of them are pointing via default roue towards some firewall. I will need to advertized those routes but not the default route...

JRU by Beginner
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On a C1101-4P two VRFs "ABC" and "DEF" and internet access on G0/0/0.I'd like to NAT overload both VRFs (VLAN interfaces) to G0/0/0. Here's the relevant config: vlan 10 name ABC ! vlan 20 name DEF vrf definition ABC rd 10:10 ! address-family ip...

I'm wondering if there is any command on cisco devices to show/identify its role as a router, switch and etc. like what we have on CDP neighbors but now for our local device with CLI. In other words, I need a command to identify the cisco device role...

Hi, Considering Cisco Smart licensing usage policy introduced from IOS 17.3.X, what would happen if we turn off reporting interval using the following command? Any malfunction regarding the devices' functionality? #no license smart usage interval Mor...

navidn by Beginner
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Hi all,First time posting on here, so please forgive if I'm asking in the wrong topic.I have a C899G-LTE-NA cellular router running on the AT&T network.  The modem inside this router is a Sierra Wireless MC7354 (Cat3 LTE).My question is, can I replac...

khehrahs by Beginner
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Hello, this is probably off topic but a quick glance and i didn't see a better forum. My ISR 921 running on 4G has been crashing on me, how can i fix it? Stack Trace:  000035: *Dec 25 23:02:41.413: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Cellular0, changed state t...

сем привет. для подключения удаленных площадок используются 4G роутеры Ruh irz с сим картами операторов по технологии М2М. Суть проблемы, все работает на оборудовании cisco 2921, но при попытке перенести туннели на новое оборудование isr 4331 происхо...