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Conditional PPPOE Dialer timeout

                   Hello All,

I have a router configuration where I am bundling two pppoe dialers into one multilink using MLPPP. The issue I am facng is that I want to bring the dialers up when interesting traffic is initiated and dialers should go down when interesting traffic is not there for some pre-defind period of time.

I have a defualt route defined via Multilink interface. In addition to this I have two more default routes with same AD, pointed to the two dialers. So when intereting traffic (using dialer-list to define interesting traffic) is initiated it hits the dialers first and dialers come up. Once the dialers are up, Multilink interface comes up and this populates the routing table wiht the default route via Multilink interface. Once Multilink interface becomes default gateway, dialers are no more the defult gateways and they dont see interesting tarffic anymore and the idle-timeout starts to decrease and finally the dialers go down, even if there is interesting traffic going through Multilink interface.

Is there a way I can define a condition for Dilaer-timeout? I doubt I can do tracking or something similar with dialer idle-timeout, can i??

Please give your opinions/suggestions.


Hi Shivani,

Ideally as long as dialer-group is configured with relevent interesting traffic and if interesting traffic is hitting (passing)on dialer then the dialer should be up it should not go down.

I need to check the config as i am not sure how multilink is having the ip address is a dsl setup as ip address will be negotiated on dialer.

if you have multiple pvc then you can bind those pvc to same dialer and configure multilink under dialer and both pvc will be used as a bundle.

such as:


interface ATM0.1

pvc 4/20

pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1

int atm1.1

pvc 4/30

pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1

interface dialer1

ip add nego/dhcp>>frm telco

ppp multilink

ip route . d1