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Connecting two subnets


I have a problem with linking two seperate subnets which contain a individual small business networks.

Setup is each network has an ASA5505 and a 887 to provide internet connectivity. A variety of Cisco small business and one enterprise switch provide the switching. Each network contains its own servers and clients.

As a temporary measure I need to be able to access resources 'cross subnets'. (It is one business that has split in to two business units, so no privacy/security issues). The router will be removed once all relevant data has been migrated between networks.

Networks are and, both with netmasks of

So, as a simple example a server on the .88 network needs to access information on a server at

We have the two segments linked with a Cisco E1000 router (was using a 871, but that seemed to cause more issues). IPs are 88.253 and 0.253 on each side.

I have enabled RIP on the E1000 and both ASA.

Both ASA have same-security-traffic permit intra-interface

From the 88.128 server, I can ping everything on the .88 network plus the far side of the E1000 (at 0.253) and the far side ASA (at 0.254), but not the far side server (at 0.128).

Maybe going back to the 871 may be a good plan, at least I should be able to debug things a bit easier from the command line?

I am sure there is something fundamental I am missing here.

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