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Default gateway issue.


Hi all, 

I am doing some labs and I am having a issue with the default route.

In the first part I configured the routers with OSPF and CHAP between SB and ISP.

Second part of the project requires to remove OSPF from SB router and set default gateway.


So on SB I configured : ip route

I can ping from SB all other routers and MG-PC.

For some reason I can not ping from PC in VLAN 20,30 since I set it as default gateway.


Was I suppose to add some additional configurations?



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So on SB I configured : ip route
I can ping from SB all other routers and MG-PC.

When you have OSPF, OSPF able to take care of learning all the routes dynamically so you able to ping, when you move to static routing you need to have static route all the way in the path


You need also to route back to your routers towards


On MG Router point VLAN 20 and 30  90 subnets towards  209.165.200..17

ON ISP Router point VLAN 20 and 30  90 subnets towards  209.165.200..1




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paul driver
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Does SB provide the inter-vlan routing for vlan 20/30/90, if so those client need to have their D/G pointing to SBs sub-interfaces for their respect vlan

Also as dynamic routing has been removed, Does the ISP know how to reach SB and all SB's internal networks (20/30/90), if not then you need to apply some static routes on ISP pointing towards SB.

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