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Default Route propagation

Abdul salaam

Hello Guys

R1 is configured with default route, the routing protocol is OSPF or EIGRP, to propagate default route from R1 to other routers to set their gateway of last resort, default information originate is used or redistribute static.

but if all of our routers configured with static route, which command is used to propagate the default route ?

Thank you.

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That's why you need to make sure the network is planned out accordingly. You can definitely have bad/asymetric routing in your network. You can have multiple default routes if not configured correctly. The network is only as smart as the person configuring it unless you're using tools that can monitor and improve the configuration.

Yes OSPF uses default information originate and EIGRP uses redistribution or other commands to propagate a default route. Just make sure you're implementing the default route on the part of the network that is the actual default GW.


The most preferred default route will be the static default route, the only time the advertised default (ospf/eigrp) will be entered into the route table of the rtrs is when they don’t have an hardcoded (static) default configured

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default information originate is used or redistribute static
you have two option BUT 
in OSPF when you do redistribute static this not include the default route, so sure you need to use default information with OSPF 
and also here it depend on router type 
ABR can advertise the default via OSPF even if it not have default router in RIB 
ASBR must have default route in RIB before it can advertise it 

this behave is change in eigrp, 
which can advertise the default route via only redistribute static command 

you can say that OPSF is harder than EIGRP but believe me deal with OSPF is more more better than deal with EIGRP, the EIGRP metric make you crazy some times.


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