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Discussion on Eigrp Load Balancing

Hello All,


Happy new year to everyone!!!


We have two WAN links Primary with 40 Mbps and Secondary with 10 Mbps link. 


Both routers are connected to Core switch, single core switch.


There is a EIGRP between these three devices. In Core switch, we have used one L3 VLAN. Same VLAN used in Routers connected  interface as L2 VLAN. 


So EIGRP neighbor forming between two routers on same interface as L3 VLAN


Hence we could see 2 Successor. And traffic is load balancing, sometime traffic takes secondary and it is 10 Mbps link. So users complaining slowness. 


If it is two Physical interface then we can configure Delay and make primary as metric value. but in this case how can we achieve Primary Router as Successor and Secondary router as Feasible successor?


Please help me on this. Thanks!!!

Thanks and regards, Chandhuru.M

Yes Paul!!!


I think Below points, we have two option right? if any other option let me know


  1. ISP need to set offset list in EIGRP on Secondary Router to increase the AD value in routes. Config they need to configure is below,


access-list 1 permit


router eigrp 1

offset-list 1 out 171


  1. Please find the second option is below,
    1. Have to separate two /30 subnet instead of configure single VLAN 100 with /29. Then need to assign two Physical interface as L3 interface in Core Switch
    2. Have to set Delay in Secondary Router connected interface in Core switch to make higher metric value than Primary Router route paths
    3. ISP also need to change their interface IP’s in both Primary and secondary Router interfaces. As newly allocated /30 IP’s.


Thanks and regards, Chandhuru.M


if you are thinking about re-addressing then you need to liaise with the isp anyway so to save you    the heartache of changes to your end hense the suggestion about querying the isp into making changes 

However if you want to have the administrative control then yes options could include re-addressing and have eigrp unicast peering  or use static and policy based routing -but as it stands it seems to me that eigrp metric manipulation from the l3 core is limited but not from the isp perspective which can be easily administered.



kind regards

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Thanks Paul.

Let me try the feasibility. Thanks for your time!!!

Thanks and regards, Chandhuru.M