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DMVPN configuration issues

Traffic not going through the DMVPN tunnel

Some of our spoke traffic is not going through the tunnel to either hub. Our connection from the hub to spoke is over a point-to-point radios. We have an outside eigrp 100 network and an inside eigrp 60 network. Eigrp 100 handles the radio network and eigrp 60 handles the dmvpn. The hubs are not co-located. A spoke can have multiple spokes connected to it or a spoke can have multiple spokes daisy chained off it.


I know the reason that the traffic is not going through the tunnel and that is because the hubs are redistribute connected. So the routes at the spokes are being learned via external eigrp 100 instead of nhrp.

I have tried removing the redistribute connected from the hubs, this caused the spokes to flap. Some of the spokes have a distribute list that is only allowing the default route to be learned via eigrp 100. The spokes with the distribute list are passing traffic through the tunnel. I have tried adding a distribute list to the spokes not going through the tunnel only allowing 111.100.x.x and the default route to be learned but because Hub2 is downstream it did not learn the redistributed routes and this caused everything upstream to lose connection to all downstream devices. When I applied the distribute list to spokes that were not in the path to Hub2 traffic was going through the tunnel.


What other solutions may work for this network? Dual Hub - Dual DMVPN?

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this requires some major labbing in GNS3...


In the meantime, can you post the output of 'show ip route' from both the hub and spoke ?

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do not redistribute any routes in eigrp 100

in eigrp 60 do not redistribute static or connected routes, try to use "network" and passive-interface" instead.
If you really need redistribute something in eigrp 60 then do it with a help of "route-map".

another way - put all outside interfaces in vrf :) it will completely split your "inside" and "outside"
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Eigrp 60 is the DMVPN network, Eigrp 100 is transit network for the vpn tunnels, so why are you advertsing the prefixes that need to be reached vai the DMVPN tunnels into the transit network?



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