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DS3 Fiber Optic Modem/Media converter

I tried this in the Optical Networking forum but no one was home.

I need to extend a demarc for a T3  for ~= 1 km and would like to use a FOM solution.  I have both SM and  MM fiber available and I think I would like to utilize the MM given that  this is a relatively short distance.  SNMP fault polling and trap  generation would be a plus but this isn't a necessity.  Does anyone have  any experience with this?  What should I look for - any gotcha's here?   Are there solutions available that provide hardware redundancy? 

Has anyone used any of these that they would recommend? 

As you can probably tell from all the questions I don't have any experience with a T3, so any advice is appreciated!



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Thanks for the reply.  I looked at that.  I am leaning towards an Omnitron iConverter:

I want to get a 5 slot chassis and put the converter card and a management card into it.  A 2 slot chassis would do it, but I can't put dual power supplies on it.  Actually I think I will just configure one end this way and just use a 1 slot chassis with dual PS on the other end.  I just want the management mod to send fault traps to my NMS, and the managed unit will detect a fault with the other unmanaged unit.

You are on the right track. Good luck and have fun.

paolo bevilacqua
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As already replied another thread.

Wouldn't be esier and cheaper to place a routelik like a 7301 in there, the do the fiber with Ethernet / IP ?

You're kidding right?  I can buy the managed version of the FOM for less than what a 256 MB flash card for the 7301 lists for.

Besides the fact that a 7301 would cost about 20-30 times more there are several other reasons I don't want to do that.  This goes on the SP side of a managed WAN service, on the WAN side of the SP router.  I don't want to be between them and their router.  And I don't want a router in the same location the demarc is in.  It is not a good environment and it is not a good place to attach the campus LAN to the WAN.

I understand you concerns about where you place your router.

However, you will need a DS3 router anyway, so it's not like placing it co-located to demarc adds any cost.

Instead, purchasing two fiber converters units, will have some additional cost for sure.