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Experimental IOS

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Hi folks:

I recently purchased a Cisco 851w Integrated router for my CCNA studies. While performing the usual setup I observed that I had the following IOS level installed in the router:

Cisco IOS Software, C850 Software (C850-ADVSECURITYK9-M), Experimental  Version 12.4(20080529:203115) [ppergame-sq51158 102]

What concerns me is the part that reads "Experimental"

Is this a beta version of the IOS?

Is so, how do I go about getting a final build?

I tried to contact the Cisco TAC about getting a different IOS but they reffered me here since I bought the item used for my CCNA studies.

Here is the reply from TAC.

"I am sorry that we are unable to answer your question directly since we are not engineers. 
What we can do is to open service request for customers who have
purchased Cisco service contract for their products.

Since you mentioned that you bought the router for CCNA study,
I advise you to find the answer on our Cisco Support Community,
which provides an opportunity for you to ask your questions or to
share your own knowledge about Cisco's products and technologies."

Should I be concerned about this IOS and can I have Cisco somehow provide me with a more suitable version?


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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

You have not to worry. Unless proven wrong, works fine for study.

Well I should point out that while I did purchase the unit for my studies, it is being used in a live environment. I would like to make sure any known issues or vulnerabilities with this experimental version do not come and make themselves visible while on my watch. I might have a hard time explaining that one!

Again, unless proven buggy, any image is OK.

Otherwise as the TAC had indicated to you, buy a support contract and you can update the image.

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