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Resolved! access-list for 255.255.248 subnet

HiI am in the proccess to change my subnet mask from to bit due to shortage of ip addressesI am stuck at cisco 2811 router I as don't know exctly which access-list I need to apply.below is my current access-listaccess-li...

I have 2 Arrowpoint CS-800 (cisco CSS 11800) They are both booting up fine but I can't telnet to them even with console port

I have these units looks like they are booting up fine but I can't communicate with them. I got setup pdf files and using the com port settings but I can't reach them. some times I don't get any response at all some times I get some ASCII characters....

ikek by Beginner
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EIGRP and LDP neighbor flaps

Hello everyone.  I have an interesting problem.  I am trying to enable multicast on my WAN to enable Enterprise TV with my DMM and DMPs.  The problem is that once I enabled multicast on the WAN and start sending traffic, I will randomly have EIGRP an...

jcrussell by Participant
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Resolved! High Latency on Point to Point

I have a point to point DS3.  There are no errors on either end.  However, the latency is triple what it normally is.  I called the vendor and they stated that everything was running fine.  I was wondering if anyone might know of something I can chec...

joshthek1 by Beginner
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Cisco 881 Mac Filtering

I have Atomatic Teller Machine. I want to restrict the network access to only this machine through 881 router with with IP Advanced Feature Set.  Can I use Mac Filtering to achive this? Recently, I tried with Cisco 871 and it worked only with a lot o...

wahida by Beginner
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BGP Loadsharing Setup

Hi All,I've seen a number of examples of this setup where 2 blocks are being advertised from the customer site(s) and some form of load sharing is achieved. Say I am advertising a /24 block to the internet from my site. I have 2 /30 point-to-point co...

fhoban by Beginner
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Resolved! Question on AS-PATH vs MED

Hi, imagine I have edge RouterA-->CorporateRouter1 and RouterB->CorporateRouter2 running BGP. RouterA and RouterB  AS = 100. CorporateRouter1 and CorporateRouter2 AS = 200. I prefer that inbound traffic from CorporateRouters flows via RouterA and use...

news2010a by Participant
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Hi,I am having "%OSPF-5-ADJCHG" error log in my WAN router from quite time. i have configured tunnels across my WAN networks,What i observed that always ospf shows LOADING to FULL, I never observed that any single time it has gone into down state. Th...

ASR1002-F SFP and VPN Info needed

Hi,Refer to SFP-GE-T module supports 10/100/1000 speeds.  Does it mean all 1G SFP SPAs and ASR1002-F onbroad 1G SFPs support 10/100/1000 wit...

ctychan by Beginner
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Resolved! Basic BGP config - ISP not see announcements

I am setting up my first BGP connection to our ISP and when we turned it on I receive his feed but he does not the subnets I am trying to announce.  Any of you BGP gurus out there care to tell me what I am doing wrong?  Is it the Null0 route?  Should...

srroeder by Beginner
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