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Extend L2 VLANs across multiple WAN sites


I have multiple sites connected via a provider's MPLS network, everything is working as expected, have full L3 connectivity across all these sites.

I now need to establish Layer 2 connectivity (One Vlan) across 21 sites. Ideally, I would plan to attach additional routers behind the CE routers (Have no access to provider CEs or PEs, but provider can re-configure BGP on the CE to peer with our device) and use a port on these routers as the Lan Layer 2 port, but not sure which technology to use

  1. L2TPv3 comes to mind, but can L2TPv3 work in a multipoint setup? I can have one site as a hub and others as spokes and speak via the hub? Using traditional L2TPV3 config, how can I use multiple Xconnects for the same VLAN on the same interface?
  2. Worst case scenario, I can run VPLS over MPLS (Have our new routers as VPLS PEs), but seems overkill.

What do you guys suggest is the easiest/most elegant solution for this conundrum?