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Fast Hello on OSPF in IOS XR 4.1.2


I'm configuring BFD in backbone links where I have CRS-3 and ASR9K. All backbone links are members of Bundles. I have noticed that BFD has some limitations working with Bundles, so I had to configure it using "bfd address-family" command in bundle-ether interface, wich also is better becase it works over every link.

The problem is that in one link I have a 7600 in Layer 2 in the middle (port-channels in mode access). I've read that does not have to exist any switch in between:

"To support BFD on bundle member links, be sure that the following requirements are met:

The routers on either end of the bundle are connected back-to-back without a Layer 2 switch in between."

Because of that I wanted to implement Fast Hello with OSPF for these affected links but I can't find the implementation commands for IOS XR.

Does anyone know what can I do? Does exist OSPF fast hello in IOS XR?

Thank you very much in advance.

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