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Filter Multicast Traffic

Hello Everyone,


In the Network we are currently using Multicast for the cameras connected as below (ref).  The multicast traffic from each and every camera reaching all the Uplink of the L3 Switches(IE4000) which is increasing exponentially.

Simplified ConnectivitySimplified Connectivity

 How to Filter the Multicast traffic from all the L3 Switches Except RP(DC Router).

Multicast is configured in PIM Sparse- mode.


I can able to filter the PIM neighbors using PIM ACL filter. But still the same traffic is reflecting on all connected interfaces.


How can I filter the traffic..? any solutions available for this..?

Georg Pauwen
VIP Expert



I am not sure I understand what you are asking: you want to prevent all multicast traffic to all ports except the uplink ports to the DC router ?

If that is what you are asking, you could configure the below on all ports except the uplink ports:


storm-control multicast level 0.0


This effectively suppresses all multicast traffic.

Hello @Georg Pauwen,


Thank you for your valuable suggestions.


Exactly, I want to filter the Multicast Traffic from the cameras to all the interfaces except DC interafce. 


FYI I have already configured the storm-control level multicast level 5, but no traffic is getting filtered.


In this case OSPF is used for Internal routing , I have a doubt that If I change this Level to 0 it will block all the multicast traffic including OSPF packets ( & 





in OSPF, use the 'neighbor' command to use unicast in stead of multicast to establish the neighborships. Either way, if you use the storm control multicast command only on the interfaces that do not uplink to the router, you should be fine. The level needs to be 0.0, a level of 5 still means 5 percent of the bandwidth can be used for multicast.