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Help with basic network routing, plus a question about cables


Hi Guys,


I'm setting up a practice network in PT (attached as zip file) and am having problems. I can ping the outgoing interface on the Router (Fa0/1) from PC0 but I cannot ping the Wireless Router from the same PC. What basic mistake am I making?


Another query: would the laptop be able to surf the Web in the current state of the scenario? If not, what steps do I need to take to enable this?


Finally, a question about cable types. A community member already kindly answered my previous question about this, and I thought I understood, but this scenario has thrown me slightly into confusion. I thought crossover cables connected like devices, and straight-through cables connected different devices. However, in this scenario, the PCs are connected to the switch with crossover, and the two routers have an up-link using straight-through. This is the opposite of what I would have expected to work.


Apologies if these are very noobish questions.


Thanks for your advice!





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Martin L
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Wireless Router does not have IP on the link called "Internet" going to Router; use static address of 192.168.2.x /24 or set up a pool.  Example:


ip dhcp pool TEST



dns-server x.x.x.x


2. to surf the web you will need a DNS server and WWW server with some sites (possible in PT)


3. you are correct about cables. PCs should use straight cables to switch but switches have MIDI-X ports that can automatically recognize cable type and switch over is necessary. that is why crossover will work.


Regards, ML
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Many thanks Martin! Now I know what to do but I don't fully understand the thinking behind it, and I am having trouble implementing it.
Re. Q1) I set up a link between the Router and Wireless Router (does it matter which ports I use?) using as a static address. But the Internet link is always "down" despite having a green light on the link.
There are some fundamentals about routing in practice I don't yet grasp. What is the difference between the Router IP and the Internet IP on the wireless router? Can they be the same? Then the router also has a Default Gateway which apparently must be different from the Internet IP. I don't understand why all these interfaces are necessary. Can someone explain in simple terms?
Re. Q3) Thanks for the explanation. I think it's unhelpful in a network simulator for students that something works which is the opposite of what would be expected to work in real life?
Thanks for your further advice.
Best regards, Ed

1. Always Internet port on Wireless Router will go to Router (like your Internet ISP). should be OK if Cisco router
2. Wireless Router will be router for your internal/home network. those PCs can be connected to other ports and/or via wireless. Wireless Router is also NATing and DHCPing, and routing. It is like all-in-one box ready to go; you connect it at home, you connect Internet and other PCs, and they are good to go. In your lab, Cisco router is like ISP router. No, Router IP and the Internet IP should not be the same.
3. That Linksys Wireless Router is pretty good to simulate real device. I had one working the same way. Packet tracer is good practice to simulate your home network, small to large businesses. you just must pick right devices to play.

there are samples of various setups and networks in PT. Find them under File>Open. Also, there are labs available on Internet, for example see

Many thanks, Martin, for your explanations and advice. That's useful :)

Georg Pauwen
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I somewhere seem to recall that in Packet Tracer, the wireless router blocks ICMP by default. The wireless laptop can ping everything, but not vice versa. See the attached file...

Many thanks, Georg. I will look at your posted zip as soon as I can.

Yes, Wireless Router will block traffic originated outside going to internal devices.
Any way to change this ? to allow pings to come in ?
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