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Help with basic network routing, plus a question about cables


Hi Guys,


I'm setting up a practice network in PT (attached as zip file) and am having problems. I can ping the outgoing interface on the Router (Fa0/1) from PC0 but I cannot ping the Wireless Router from the same PC. What basic mistake am I making?


Another query: would the laptop be able to surf the Web in the current state of the scenario? If not, what steps do I need to take to enable this?


Finally, a question about cable types. A community member already kindly answered my previous question about this, and I thought I understood, but this scenario has thrown me slightly into confusion. I thought crossover cables connected like devices, and straight-through cables connected different devices. However, in this scenario, the PCs are connected to the switch with crossover, and the two routers have an up-link using straight-through. This is the opposite of what I would have expected to work.


Apologies if these are very noobish questions.


Thanks for your advice!





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Martin L
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Wireless Router does not have IP on the link called "Internet" going to Router; use static address of 192.168.2.x /24 or set up a pool.  Example:


ip dhcp pool TEST



dns-server x.x.x.x


2. to surf the web you will need a DNS server and WWW server with some sites (possible in PT)


3. you are correct about cables. PCs should use straight cables to switch but switches have MIDI-X ports that can automatically recognize cable type and switch over is necessary. that is why crossover will work.


Regards, ML
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Many thanks Martin! Now I know what to do but I don't fully understand the thinking behind it, and I am having trouble implementing it.
Re. Q1) I set up a link between the Router and Wireless Router (does it matter which ports I use?) using as a static address. But the Internet link is always "down" despite having a green light on the link.
There are some fundamentals about routing in practice I don't yet grasp. What is the difference between the Router IP and the Internet IP on the wireless router? Can they be the same? Then the router also has a Default Gateway which apparently must be different from the Internet IP. I don't understand why all these interfaces are necessary. Can someone explain in simple terms?
Re. Q3) Thanks for the explanation. I think it's unhelpful in a network simulator for students that something works which is the opposite of what would be expected to work in real life?
Thanks for your further advice.
Best regards, Ed