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How do I enable IGMP Proxy?

Hi community, I'm trying to achieve the following. Could anybody tell me what has to be configured on the router running IOS 15.5?


1. Interface Vlan72 receives IGMP Membership Report from end hosts in the segment.

2. The router populates its MRIB with a corresponding (*,G) entry.

3. A new IGMP Membership Report is generated by the process and is sent via interface Gig8 to the Service Provider.

4. Service Provider gets the IGMP Membership Report and starts sending the feed.

5. Our router receives feed and forwards it out the interface Vlan72, where receivers are.


The problem is that we do not run PIM with the Service Provider, so our end (CPE) has to act as a plain receiver sending IGMP Report messages over the link. By not running PIM, I mean we do not receive any PIM Hello over the link.


They said we should enable IGMP Proxy to achieve our goal, but the only information I could find is related to Unidirectional-Link environment and I couldn't find out how to apply it to my situation.


I already verified that we actually receive multicast packets by setting ip igmp join-group on Gig8, which is why I believe that if we could somehow «proxy» the Membership Reports to the SP, that'll solve the problem.


ip multicast-routing
interface Loopback0
ip address
ip pim sparse-mode
! interface GigabitEthernet8  description LINK_TO_SP  ip address  ip pim sparse-mode  ip nat outside
ip igmp join-group
! interface Vlan72  description SEGMENT_WITH_RECEIVERS  ip address  ip pim sparse-mode  ip nat inside
ip pim rp-address


Thank you in advance and wish you a nice day!



Giuseppe Larosa
Hall of Fame Master

Hello Jellybeanshiba,


>> ip igmp join-group


Warning: please note that this command makes your router a true receiver of the multicast stream and it is process switched.

see the following thread


You should use ip igmp static-group to avoid process switching.


The IGMP proxy feature in Cisco terms is for unidirectional links like for example satellite broadcast networks.

It is difficult to configure and it does not apply to your scenario.


Hope to help