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I set up very simple network. The first link was a point to point link with the address I then had a link with 3 devices so used the subnet Two routers could then ping the third and the third could ping them, but they couldn...

Hi   We are setting up an ASAv in AWS and have management access to it but no matter what we try on the ASAv and AWS config we cannot get traffic to route successfully from the ASAv outside interface to the Internet .   The setup so far is that we su...

eebarker by Beginner
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We have BGP peering with two ISP's  (ISP A and ISP B). Both the ISP's are connected on a same border Router on different interface.  We are receiving  default-routes from both the ISP's. We have advertised our IP prefix to both the ISP's (103.XX.XX.X...

mhrznamn by Beginner
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Hi all, I'm trying to configure ospf over dmvpn. The data doesn't pass through the tunnel. I have attached the topology.   I have configured OSPF on R1, R2 and R3 and R2 is the hub while R3 and R1 are the spokes.   R2 Hub config: R2#show run | sectio...

mandeep62 by Beginner
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Hi,   I've configured PIM  in my 3745 router it has two FastEthernet interface 0/0 and 0/1 . Interface 0/1 is connected with server side and interface 0/0 is connected with client side. Both interfaces are configured with ip pim sparse-mode and RP is...

hi, i'll be doing a maintenance on our iBGP peering for MPLS VPN/VRF exchanged routes. just to confirm, i just 'shutdown' a BGP neighbor and it will also 'shutdown' the configured address family.   sample below:   router bgp 65000  neighbor s...

Hello.I have phones on VLAN 100 with QoS platinum and a LAN subinterface Gi0/0/1.100 on an ISR.There is also a WAN subinterface Gi0/0/1.835 on the ISR with "encapsulation dot1Q 835" which is a requirement from the ISP.I cannot make outbound calls and...

leam2 by Beginner
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Hi, 4 routers (R1,R2,R3,R4) connected via FR cloud. 2 of the routers (R1,R2) have GRE trunnel with no ipsec. R1 has router id R2 has router id OSPF v2 running. R1-R2 Area3, R2-R3 ARea 0, R3-R4 Area 12. R1 is connected to L3 S...