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How do I Route P2P T1 Offsite Locations' Traffic to Onsite Barracuda unit for content filtering via Cisco 3600?


I'm a semi-novice at Cisco networking and I have a problem figuring this Cisco configuration out. Basically we have 5 locations with our main location housing our servers and internet line. We just purchased a Barracuda unit to handle content filtering on the web since we don't want people clogging up an already congested line.

At our main location there is a Cisco 3600 with 4 T1 interfaces and 2 network interface. Four T1 interfaces are for the 4 P2P T1 sites. The first network interface connects to a switch on the primary site location for its computers. The second to a cable modem. I attached a text file with an ascii diagram of the current network diagram.

I would like only traffic bound for the internet to use the Barracuda as it's internet gateway then the traffic gets directed back out the cisco to the second network interface that supplies the web; all other network traffic to continue to be routed via the cisco. The IP address for the Barracuda will be

I know that the simplest solution would be to connect the Barracuda directly to the cable modem then the cisco into the Barracuda, but that would hinder the reporting services offered by the Barracuda unit. I'ld like to keep the ability to monitor what computers are attempting to use the internet for other purposes than work and allow a handful to have full access.

I've attached a basic config file and a ascii diagram of the network. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

P.S. A possible solution posed to me via Exp. Exchange was to use Route Maps. Is this something that may possibly work? I'm going to attempt them in the morning, but just not sure if it will be the way to go.


Laurent Aubert
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Jose,

Route-map can be a solution. Also if your content engine support WCCP, you can try it as well:



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