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Lost & Found

How to manipulate the metric from Ezvpn?

Hi All,


Would like to know your inputs about this issue that I'm facing right now. So I do have 1 Cisco router configured as ezvpn client and I also have another private circuit with bgp connected to it. Both Peering (from bgp/ezvpn server) advertised a default route now since route from ezvpn has administrative distance of 1 and bgp has 20.

What would be the best solution for this?


- If i change the distance from bgp then it should be lower that 1 (not sure the minimum distance in bgp) but I think this is not the best solution.
- Set this command "reverse-route distance xx" on ezvpn but I'm not quite sure if this should be configure on server or client ezvpn (still checking).


Thank you

Rising star

Hi @Lost & Found 

Simple network diagram will be helpful. So basically your goal is prefer default route coming from BGP peer on private circuit? Not sure if I get it correctly.

What routing protocol are you running between ezvpn client and server?



Best regards,

Hi Abzal, 


Here's a simple representation of the scenario. Yes, I want to prefer BGP over vpn. No routing protocol running between ezvpn server and client. Thanks 

             HUB -----Private------|

                                                   |   Site A/Client Router

Ezvpn Server ---------------- |


sample output:

SITE-A#sh ip route
Routing entry for, supernet
Known via "static", distance 1, metric 0, candidate default path
Tag 109
Routing Descriptor Blocks:
* directly connected, via Virtual-Access1, permanent  (from ezvpn server)
Route metric is 0, traffic share count is 1
Route tag 109
SITE-A#sh ip bgp
BGP routing table entry for, version 2
Paths: (1 available, best #1, table default, RIB-failure(17))
Not advertised to any peer
Refresh Epoch 1
701 from (
Origin IGP, localpref 100, valid, external, best
rx pathid: 0, tx pathid: 0x0


I tried configuring reverse-route on server but some how it only changes the routes received from client not the AD being send. So I need to change on client side for received routes from ezvpn server.

Would like to know how/possible we can modify the metric on Easyvpn client other than adding new entries/more specific routes or changing it to split vpn (not sure if this will be the last resort interms of design and implementation).