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Inconsistent with persistent configuration / 12000 IOS-XR

Hello Dear,

when i was try to upgrde my 12000 router IOS from 3.6.2 to 3.9.2, i faced this error :

RP/0/4/CPU0:***(admin)#install activate disk0:*3.9.2* sync

Install operation 12 '(admin) install activate disk0:*3.9.2* synchronous'

started by user 'cisco' via CLI at 02:37:18 gmt Fri Sep 07 2012.

Info:     This operation will activate the following packages:

Info:         disk0:c12k-rout-3.9.2

Info:         disk0:c12k-lc-3.9.2

Info:         disk0:c12k-fwdg-3.9.2

Info:         disk0:c12k-admin-3.9.2

Info:         disk0:c12k-base-3.9.2

Info:         disk0:c12k-os-mbi-3.9.2

Info:         disk0:c12k-mpls-3.9.2

Info:         disk0:c12k-mgbl-3.9.2

Info:         disk0:c12k-mcast-3.9.2

Info:         disk0:c12k-k9sec-3.9.2

Info:         disk0:c12k-fpd-3.9.2

Info:         disk0:c12k-doc-3.9.2

Info:         disk0:c12k-diags-3.9.2

Info:     This operation will reload the following nodes in parallel:

Info:         0/0/CPU0 (LC(E5-CEC-v2)) (SDR: Owner)

Info:         0/2/CPU0 (LC(E5-CEC-v2)) (SDR: Owner)

Info:         0/3/CPU0 (LC(E5-CEC-v2)) (SDR: Owner)

Info:         0/4/CPU0 (RP) (SDR: Owner)

Info:         0/5/CPU0 (RP) (SDR: Owner)

Proceed with this install operation (y/n)? [y]

Info:     Install Method: Parallel Reload

Error:    SDR Owner: The operation cannot proceed because this SDR's running

Error:    configuration is inconsistent with persistent configuration. No

Error:    changes to this SDR's active software will be allowed until the

Error:    'clear configuration inconsistency' command is run within the SDR.

Warning:  SDR Owner: Rolling back any configuration changes made as part of the

Warning:  install operation.

Install operation 12 failed at 02:45:18 gmt Fri Sep 07 2012.


would you please checkit out and advice me.

Thank you in advance.



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any update please ?

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