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Inter and Intra routing

DR Diag.png

Branch is connected to headoffice and DR site . It has got multiple tunnels one pointing to HO and other pointing to DR .

When we check Headoffice ( WAN 2 router ) for show ip route which is branch IP it shows that route is getting learned from direct tunnel and route is considered as intra area . It shows Intra area because the outside interface is advertised with area 300 even though the inside is in area 0 . This makes WAN 2 work as ABR .

However when I do show ip route from WAN 1 it shows route as Inter area because that route is getting learned from WAN 2 inside interface so both becomes area 0 .

DR link from DR to HO and terminated that on WAN 1 . Aim is that if WAN1 and WAN2 links fail then branch should be accesiable through DR link . Routing is configured for DR to HO however when I do show ip route on WAN 1 it starts learning routes from DR as first priority ( Intra area ) while my aim was to get it learned from Headoffice link ( considered as Inter area for other devices and intra area for WAN 2 ) . Only if Headoffice link fails then it should learn through DR

Any comments ?

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Without know much about the link type/bw, I guess ospf using default cost caliculation. One way of manipulating the metric is to use ip ospf cost bet WAN1 & DR (interface level).



increase the ip ospf cost on interface. ( set the Lower value of IP ospf cost on DR router towards WAN1 link). So it will take the first path as  Head Office(WAN2) router.. If WAN 2 fails.. it will go for DR..( also reduce  ospf cost b/w WAN2 & WAN 1)