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IOS XE debugging problem

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Does IOS XE not support debugging of received packets with the "debug ip packet" output?  I have a case where the router only shows locally generated packets in "debug ip packet [detail]" output, but nothing that is being received.  This is both for data plane, e.g. ICMP echo, and for control plane, e.g. EIGRP or OSPF hellos.  I tried disabling CEF as well but it's not supported on this platform:


Router(config)#no ip cef distributed 

%Cannot disable CEF on this platform

Router(config-if)#no ip route-cache 
Platform cannot disable ip route-cache on GigabitEthernet1 interface


This is on IOS XE ver 03.11.00.S for CSR1000v.


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Archil Sokhadze
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same issue, debug ip packet or debug ip icmp does not show received packets,only packets sent out from router are appearing on the console.


Version 03.12.00.S   

Any news on this? Still having this issue. Running IOS XE 03.15.01.S



You cannot disable CEF on CSR1000v. You need to use EPC to capture data plane packets:

Hope this helps.



yes, debug ip packet or debug ip icmp will not show any output for received packets but will show output for packets sent from the router.

you can use EPC to capture data plane packets.



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Level 1



I am not sure about the Platform you are using, however i've seen similar issues with ASRs. We had to apply an Access-list with a log keyword at the end of it to make sure that the packets are hitting the CPU and it does show up in the debugs. 


Sample Access-list 

ip access-list extended TEST

permit ip any any log


However just a Heads up if you do want to try this please make sure that the traffic is not so much on the interface as this will cause almost all the packets to be CPU switched. Maybe you can apply this log keyword to some specific statement in the ACL if you know the source and destination IP address of the traffic that you want to see.




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