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VPN tunnel in MM_NO_STATE state

Hi,Looking for experts here to assist me. I have Cisco Router2811 (A) tunnelling to another Cisco2821 (B) but NATing and connection to internet via ASA Firewall. At Cisco2821 (B) have several VPNs connection and working well but failed with Router A ...

Resolved! Enabling IP NHRP on 3750

Hello all,Please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong area  - I have an issue that we hope to overcome - that of configuring multipoint GRE tunnels with ip nhrp on 3750 switches enabled for routinig.  There are no options to configure it as we see;...

BGP-confederation best path selection

Hi, dear community!Can someone help me to resolve question about best path selection in BGP-confederation. I have:BGP routing table entry for, version 42Paths: (4 available, best #2, table Default-IP-Routing-Table)  Advertised to peer-grou...

m.taras_u by Beginner
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Resolved! 1841 vs 1921

There is a Q/A page at ( and in there it talks about the 1921 not having a "backplane switch".... Q. Why does the Cisco 1921 Integrated Services Router support onl...

Resolved! Eigrp Load Balancing with variance

Hello, I am studying load balancing and often I see a diagram like the one below...The Feasible Distance are a far cry from these numbers listed above. Can someone explain the purpose of having these tidy numbers instead of the actual FD numbers that...

Asymmetrical speed of GRE tunnel

Hi folksI'm trying to understand a problem I have with a GRE setup and I've reached the end of my own ideas. I need som help.It's a router to router setup using Cisco 1921 connected using a 4G aggergation device. On the link created by the aggregator...

hoffa2000 by Participant
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Traceroute showing strange output

Hello allThis is probably an easy question but I don't see how this is happening and we don't have any outages or problems that I know of.In one of our buildings (out of several) when we do a trace route from a switch (C3560-IPSERVICESK9-M) to any ad...

asr1001 BGP Full-Table maximum Routes

Hello,what is the maximum amount of Routes which can be used in the FIB of an ASR1001? The Document on states"500,000 IPv4 or 500,000 IPv6 routes with 4GB Memory". W...

Qos - Precedence in a policy map

Hello , I'll try to be brief  :I've a number of class-maps , based on access groups , some of which are overlapping  eg  Proxy  ---- permit any to host VIP - permit /24I want VIP to be dscp efProxy  to be  dscp 33Policy-map xxxxx...

Resolved! isis route propgate

Hi Guys, Can i know how can i make the network reachable over the isis network from CX- i.e network Regards Kumar