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IOS XE object-group network range command missing??

Hello everyone.

I'm new to the IOS XE and i'm trying to configure a new 4321 router.

When i try to use the object-group network command to specify a range of hosts I found out that the range command is not there anymore.

I use this command all the time with the 881 and the 867 Routers.

Can anyone tell me if there is a new image for the 4300 routers that support this command?

Current image:



Mark Malone
VIP Mentor


Must be your license its available on mine on lower image than that on my 4331s , what license you running ?

Im on appxk9 , securityk9 , as its zbf feature its most likely the security that covers it

(config)#object-group ?
  network   network group
  security  security group
  service   service group

(config)#do sh ver | i 3.16
Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 03.16.02.S - Extended Support Release

Hi Mark

I have the "object-group command", is the "range" command i cannot use any more.

(config)#object-group network test
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


no that's not available in ios-xe , im my ASRs , 4331s or 4451s

Its slighty diff syntax than whats available in ios , these are the only options available , you c an raise with cisco account manager and ask them to add it back into future releases , im doing it with a feature called MPP at the minute getting it added to ios-xe , its there but doesn't work fully yet

Network object group configuration commands:
  A.B.C.D       Network address of the group members
  description   Network object group description
  exit          Exit from object group configuration mode
  group-object  Nested object group
  host          Host address of the object-group member
  no            Negate or set default values of a command

Thanks Mark

I use this feature a lot in order to block a range of hosts ip address. Now i have to add them one by one which is a lot of work. Is there a workaround for this?


This seems to be introduced in the 16.9.x codes for IOS-XE devices. I have just tested on “isr4300-universalk9.16.09.05.SPA.bin"