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Load Sharing with the Loopback Address as a BGP Neighbor - BGP session down


I have one scenario. One end is using Cisco router and the other end using Juniper router have been configured eBGP Multihoming using loopback IP. At each router, two interface have been configured and both static route has been pointing to the eBGP loopback IP. The problem is, for example if the

1st interface/link down, the BGP also will down eventhough the 2nd interface/link up. By right for Multihoming BGP at least one physical link should be up to keep to BGP up. Any one have experienced this sort of problem before? Need some help. Thanks in advance!



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this is what that filter does:

By default, unicast RPF uses strict mode. Unicast RPF loose mode is similar to unicast RPF strict mode and has the same configuration restrictions. The only check in loose mode is whether the packet has a source address with a corresponding prefix in the routing table; loose mode does not check whether the interface expects to receive a packet with a specific source address prefix. If a corresponding prefix is not found, unicast RPF loose mode does not accept the packet. As in strict mode, loose mode counts the failed packet and optionally forwards it to a fail filter, which either accepts, rejects, logs, samples, or polices the packet. 

ideally that filter should not affect traffic...