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MPLS Configuration - Help


Hi All,

I need a little help and guidance with adding a ?Point to Point? MPLS 512k link to my network. At the end of this month the new circuit will be installed that will provide a direct link from our office in Fort Worth to our headquarters in Taiwan. The line will be used for data processing of our ERP system. We will first establish a VPN connection into the Taiwan network, and then start the ERP client for data processing. The client in our Fort Worth office logs onto to access the Taiwan ERP system.

Currently I have a full frame coming in for data. The MPLS line will be in addition to our current frame relay.

My current network configuration consists of a Cisco 2621 router and a Pix 515 firewall. The 2621 does have dual T-1 cards as I used to run dual T-1?s with BGP. The PIX does have an extra NIC that is not being used at this point. We were going to setup a DMZ but never did.

The MPLS provider is providing a Cisco 1721 router for use with the new line. Static routing will be setup.

To take advantage of the new MPLS line for ERP data processing, I need to setup a configuration that all traffic going to be routed to the new MPLS circuit, and leave the present frame relay for local data process, email, VoIP, video, etc.

Here are my questions for the experts! I need to know how to proceed to make the routing work.

1. Would it be better to run the new MPLS line through the 2621 and not use the 1721? I assume I would need to implement BGP once again and use an access list (not one of my strong points).

2. Or should I plug the 1721 into the extra NIC on the PIX and setup an access list through it? Right now, of course, all traffic is routed through the PIX, All clients connect through the PIX.

Thank you so much for you help and assistance.


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My suggestion would be to connect the MPLS link to the new router and configure the ERP VPN endpoints to flow across this new link using static routes.

The PIX will forward the packets to the VPN destination via this new link and the crypto encryption would treat the ERP as interesting traffic



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