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James Hand

Multilink PPPoE with LFI

I'm trying to find out what platforms support Multilink PPP with Link Fragmentation and Interleaving over a single link, when that single link is PPPoE.  In searching the documentation, the best information I can find is that it seems to be supported in one direction on the ASR1000 (  Many platforms appear to support PPPoE and also MLPPP w/LFI, but it's not clear that both features are supported on the same link.

The application is a radio that has an Ethernet interface on its terrestrial link, and acts as an Ethernet bridge.  Would like to use Multilink PPPoE with LFI in order to provide LFI in order to run VoIP over lower speed links (e.g 256kb).  For what it's worth, the radio also supports RFC 5578 PPPoE Extensions for Credit Flow and Link Metrics.  It was fairly easy to find what platforms support RFC 5578.  But RFC 5578 would be used to support variation in the capacity of the link.  If the link speed is fixed, RFC 5578 is not needed.  I was trying to find if the set of platforms supported increase if the need for RFC 5578 is taken off the table.

In particular, I'd be interested in the whether the ASR 9000 series supports MLPPP bundles with LFI when the links are PPPoE

Many thanks.

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

I believe no Cisco platform supports LFI with PPPoE and actually not even MLPPP with PPPoE.