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Network Simulation problem !

Can anyone explain HOW and WHY the devices on the image ( PC,Routers,Hubs and Servers) are connected with each other in that way and with those kind of cables ? I have an assignment to similarly connect three cities with the simulator but at first I must understand this given example network . I'll appreciate anyone who can help me and explain this network in detail ( especially the cables that are used to connect the devices ) . I apologise if I made any grammatical or vocabulary errors . I'm waiting for any helpful replies :)

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Which simulator is that?Who

Which simulator is that?

Who connected those cables?

Usually you need to use cross over cables connecting to same device and straight over cable connecting between different devices.




The answer is there in the

The answer is there in the picture!

Red cable between the 2 routers is WAN serial

Black cable making an Ethernet connection from routers to hubs and then hubs to PC's and server's.

Dashed blue cable console connection to configure the routers from PC's.

If you are connecting three cities you would need some kind of WAN connection. Using serial is older technology now. Most modern WAN solutions would be presented as Ethernet but I guess it depends what services are available in your country! This would connect to a router.

The LAN side would normally always be Ethernet so a hub/switch onsite to connect up PC's and server's.

Hope that helps!



Thank you for the answer :)

Thank you for the answer :) the problem is that I don't understand why the PCs are connected with the Hub and also the Router ( for example,the PC in the Paris' Lan is connected with the Hub and the Router as well but the HTTP server is connected only with the Hub ! ) . For what purpose do we use dashed blue console cable ? I added a new router ( London ) and connected that with a Hub that connects a PC and a server similarly like the Berlin LAN (see the image uploaded) ! when I press the Check Configuration button it shows a lot of problems (see image )! Can you help me with the IPs,Gateways and Subnet Masks ? (you have an example on the HTTP server in the 3rd image ) . 


The simulator is NetSimK (

The simulator is NetSimK ( ) . This example network is generated automatically when typing CTRL+3 . I have an assignment to analyze this network and make a similar that includes three routers ( three cities). I don't understand why the PC in the Paris' LAN is connected with the Hub and also the Router ! Also,I need to set the IPs of all the devices in the network and also their subnet mask ! 


It's has a LAN connection to

It's has a LAN connection to the Hub, the connection to the router is a console this would be used to configure the router as other post.


Can you help with the image I

Can you help with the image I sent you on the previous reply ?  

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