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NX-OS (n7k) EIGRP outbound distribute-list with route-map tag setting



I'm having a seemingly basic problem that is frustrating me. I'm certain this worked on classic IOS, but I'm missing whether this is just unsupported on NX-OS, or if this is a bug, or something else.

I want to use an outbound distribute-list with a

route map

to set a tag on selected routes before advertising to its peer.


NX01 - 
kickstart: version 8.4(2)
system: version 8.4(2)

kickstart: version 8.3(2)
system: version 8.3(2)

There is an Inbound distro-list on NX01:eth1/2 to tag routes learned from VPN endpoint. This seems to work:


interface Ethernet1/2

medium p2p
ip address
ip router eigrp PROC1
ip distribute-list eigrp PROC1 route-map TAG-VPN-ROUTES in
no ip passive-interface eigrp PROC1
no shutdown
TAG-VPN-ROUTES permit 10
set tag 350

NX01# show ip route

IP Route Table for VRF "default", ubest/mbest: 1/0 time
*via, Eth1/2, [90/3072], 10:40:46, eigrp-PROC1, internal, tag 350


Then, I'm trying to deny routes with tag 350 and further tag anything else with 340 with a outbound


on NX01:eth1/3:

interface Ethernet1/3
mtu 9150
udld aggressive
ip address
ipv6 address use-link-local-only
ipv6 router eigrp PROC1
ip router eigrp PROC1
ip authentication mode eigrp PROC1 md5
ip authentication key-chain eigrp PROC1 KEY-EIGRP
ip distribute-list eigrp PROC1 route-map RMAP-DCI-DIST out
no ipv6 passive-interface eigrp PROC1
no ip passive-interface eigrp PROC1
ip pim sparse-mode
no shutdown

route-map RMAP-DCI-DIST deny 10
description deny routes from VPN endpoints
match tag 350
route-map RMAP-DCI-DIST permit 20
description permit and tag all other routes
set tag 340

When I check the routes on NX02, I do NOT see the routes tagged with 350, BUT the other routes are NOT tagged with 340 either:


NX02# show ip route
IP Route Table for VRF "default", ubest/mbest: 1/0 time
*via, Eth5/1, [170/25920], 16w1d, eigrp-PROC1, external, tag 210
NX02# show ip route
IP Route Table for VRF "default", ubest/mbest: 1/0 time
*via, Eth5/8, [90/3328], 10:50:53, eigrp-PROC1, internal
NX02# show ip eigrp topology

IP-EIGRP (AS 2020): Topology entry for
State is Passive, Query origin flag is 1, 1 Successor(s), FD is 3328
Routing Descriptor Blocks: (Ethernet1/3), from, Send flag is 0x0
Composite metric is (3328/3072), Route is Internal
Vector metric:
Minimum bandwidth is 1000000 Kbit
Total delay is 30 microseconds
Reliability is 255/255
Load is 1/255
Minimum MTU is 1500
Hop count is 2
Internal tag is 0

The config, is pretty simple, right? This seems like something that should be just working...


Edit: I updated the masked route in the


outputs that I had forgotten about and probably caused confusion. I'm not sure why I masked an RFC1918 route to begin with, it's not particularly special. Furthermore, I chose not to mask/change the transit networks/IPs which would be arguably more important than the advertised route in question. ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯ 

Edit: Updated with NX## running versions

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paul driver
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@hrtendrup wrote:

Then, I'm trying to deny routes with tag 350 and further tag anything else with 340 with a outbound


on NX01:eth1/3:

Try to mark for egress, match/remark ingress

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So, this turns out to be a problem of my own making (as so many are).

I had forgotten about the fact that INTERNAL EIGRP routes can only carry a tag of up to 255 by default. The EIGRP RFC 7868 indicate that there is an extended metric that can carry larger administrator tags which would be valid for internal routes. You can also view the classic internal and external EIGRP packet formats and see that the Internal admin tag field is only 8bits long while the external is 32.

This doc Cisco Nexus 9000 Series NX-OS Unicast Routing Configuration Guide, Release 6.x - Configuring Route Policy Manager [Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches] - Cisco mentions this limitation, but I'm unclear how to specifically configure EIGRP to use the wide metric TLVs.

After reconfiguring the outbound


to set something less than 255, the tag is set and received by the peer EIGRP speaker.

Lastly, as a matter of curiosity, I set the tagging in my classic IOS lab, running 15.5, and the nodes also successfully set and transmitted the maximum tag of 4294967295. It seems that this version automatically uses the wide metric TLVs and can attach admin tags larger than 255. I believe this wasn't the case in earlier versions of IOS, but I would have to confirm.

but I see in your original post route with tag 340 !!
it bug but we need some search to find it.

by the way, I try done lab and same not success with


and I try your suggest and it work. 
so I may need some more study this behavior. 
I will update you If I get something. 

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