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Overlapping network issue


Dear all,


My company has planned to move all the VM servers in our local data center to central DC. our local site is connecting to Central site with MPLS. As per the migration plan, only VM servers are moving. physical servers are remain in our local DC.

The problem is, each server VLAN consists of both VM and physical servers in various ratios. So they are migrating part of the subnet/vlan to Central. So, I have to provide a proposal on how to route the local user traffic towards central DC where these migrated VM servers are located without having much user impact and less network admin overload.


We can do IP re-addressing to either local servers(physical) or migrated servers. But its a tedious job from network point of view as it might involve a lot of analysis and firewall policy change. so IP re-addressing is not a recommended solution and it is finalized that all the servers which are migrating will be going to use its original IPs only so as with local servers.

For example, if 50 IPs of a class C subnet are moving to central and 50 IPs of the same subnet are in local DC, how can we route the user traffic for those 50 migrated server toward the MPLS link which is connecting to Central DC?

What are the different solutions that are in use in today's network world for this scenario? Kindly help me to propose a solution for this issue.

There are 100s of such a server VLANs are moving/migrating to Central DC. 

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