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PFR Based Load Balancing

Dipesh Patel

Dear experts,

Can you suggest how pfr will be configured for the load balancing?

I have some queries regarding the same:

  • I have two MPLS links from two different SP. Both terminated on independent CE routers. Can We configure one CE router as BR and MC?
  • If I configure pfr for loadbalacning it may have chance of assymetroc routing. Will it be affect GETVPN?
  • Please suggest the iOS which will spport GETVPN and PFR as we are on the verge of implementing GETVPN and pfr.
  • Is there any specificimpact on resource utilization after impmentation of pfr?

I am attaching here the topology for your refference. Kindly suggest the design and configuration, which router I should configure as a BR and which one as a MC?


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Marwan ALshawi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


answers to you questions as bellow

- yes you can have both BR and MC on the same router

- PfR is routing feature while GETVPN is security feature if you have licensing for routing and security then you can have bot on the same router

- i suggest you to do a prove of concept for this PfR as i think it depends on the policies you have in the PfR, how much your routing flap, link utilization ..etc

- if you have assymetric routing i think it could effect the vpn interms of encrypt and decrypte the traffic


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