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Resolved! BGP: route-map

Hello everybody,Please check my config:conf t!route-map PEER_TEST-out permit 20 match community 1111:43071 set as-path prepend 1111 continue 50!...!route-map PEER_TEST-out permit 50   set community 0:1111 0:2222 0:3333 0:5555 0:6666 0:7777 0:44444 0:...

kozorezdi by Beginner
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MPLS redundancy with VRRP - possible ?.

I'm trying to find a solution for the following setup, Blue ISP is the primary.Both are MPLS connection only.the requirement is,if Blue ISP @ site A/B/C or HQ fails, it should automatically switch to Red ISP 2 in site A AND HQ until Blue IPS connecti...

Eby Mani by Beginner
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ACL on 2821

I want to apply an ACL on my router so that outer world would be able to access the inside hosts on some specific ports and the internal servers will reply back . Also the internal servers should be able to access the outer would on all ports without...


Hi All,Got a bit of a problem that I'm trying to over-come. Maybe I'm approaching this problem from the wrong stand-point, but to be honest this is a bit beyond my knowledge level and I'm struggling a bit!I've got a 2821 router, with two "public" con...

Resolved! Question on IP multicast, MPLS

Hi,Imagine I need to provide multicast to my customers over MPLS network:Source-Sender-----CE1----(PE1    MPLS     PE2)----CE2----Receiver1What I was told is that the customer should select which router is going to be the RP. Also, customer will need...

news2010a by Participant
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BGP 3750 behind 2851

Today, I am running a 4507R strictly Layer 2 with a trunk port to 2851 configured with multiple subinterfaces. This router runs BGP  AS 55555 and a WAN link to MPLS cloud.The plan is to replace the 4507 with a stack of Catalyst 3750 switches.  We wan...

thomuff by Participant
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Need help with ip multicast routing setup

We've got a client who needs to set up multicast routing between two sites (and between two vlans) in order for some video encoders at remote sites to find servers at the central site. I've never had experience with this. The setup looks something li...

Resolved! Cisco 1711 VPN router

Is it possible to restrict all mac addresses and allow a small list of mac addresses from accessing ports fa 1 - 4? Basically, I want to allow access to one laptop.System image file is "flash:c1700-k9o3sy7-mz.124-25b.bin"

Web server access on internal network

My web server resides in inside network i.e private IP ( using the static ip the web sever can be accessed from outside of the network but not from the inside network.I have two DNS servers issued by the ISP however i have my domain co...