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Physical Dimensions ISR 4461

Mikel Ward

Can someone please provide the actual dimensions of the ISR 4461, the data sheet ( lists the incorrect height, which makes me also doubt the depth (I am not worried about the 19" width). The dimensions in the Data Sheet are listed as identical to the ISR 4451 (2RU) when the 4461 is 3RU. 

At least an idea of weight would also be nice (there is an older unanswered post asking only for weight but I did not want to hijack it).

Or does anyone know the best way to give feedback on the data sheet? I have used the contact web form, but wonder if it will get to the right location.

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Look at the hardware installation guide : (most of the information is covered part of physical hardware installation) - hope that help you.


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Hello BB, thank you for your response, unfortunately none of information mentioned in my post is included in the HIG. I should have made it clear that I had also already checked before coming to the Forum (and now I've checked twice!)

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