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pvst in packet tracer 6


hi, i'm trying to use packet tracer to see how STP works.

i've created a hierchical swiched network topology with redundancy.

i've created some VLANS, trunks, on the network with a basic telnet configuration.

all the basic configuration for the vlans seems to work.

i have also set the priority value for each ROOT BRIDGE for stp for every vlans that i have in the topology. i would like to have for each vlan a different

root bridge. i don't want the same root bridge for every instance of stp.

in packet tracer i've noticed that if i don't set the stp priority values and i leave all the vlans with the same priority, i have the same root bridge for

all the vlans. in this case i see the red and green dots for the block and the forward states.

if i set a differente ROOT BRIDGE for each vlan, packet tracer shows me all green dots, but all seems to work.

if i use the "show spanning tree" command i can see the ports in the blocking states for each vlan.

is it normal ?

i mean if i want a different root bridge for each vlan is it normal that i see in packet tracer all green dots ?


sorry for my english, i'm italian

i send the file can someone tell me if there's some errors ?

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