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regarding data sheet

            Hi,Could yoy please clarify, what is the diffrence between Port densities, throughput, switching capacity, and other few standard terms which will be mnetioned in cisco data sheets.Thanks in advance.Regards,Naveen

virtual routing table in router

Hello,The network consist of 3 vlans which sits on the core 3750 switch. there is a PE router to which this 3750 should be connected and communicating.Following needs to be achieved:-1. all three vlans need to be under one single vrf . How do we conf...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Need help for FTP Port Forwarding behind ASA

Hi to all, I am new in the cisco world but im trying my best to learn more ;-)I want to setup an IIS FTP Server behind ASA, works fine in LAN but Im still not able to access it from outside, I've read lot of guides for the past 3-4 daysbut still I di...

LACP on FEX Ports

Does the 22xx Series FEX support static or dynamic LAGs between itself and a server?Imagine a server with dual 10G NICs, and I need to connect them to the SAME 22xx  FEX....can I set up a LAG between the two 10G NIC ports and two 22xx  FEX Host ports...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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Syn Attack on Cisco 7206

Hi;We're performing penetration test on our environment. Topology like;ISP (BGP routing) ------ 7206 (BGP routing)------- Firewall -------- DMZ ----Servers7206 informations : c7200p-advipservicesk9-mz.124-15.T5.bin and using G2 processor on it. It's ...

Configuring 4507R-E w/EIGRP

I am working with setting up a lab and could use a little assistance. My lead wants me to use 2x 4507R-E as layer 2 and 3 devices. So I am place VLANs and routing protocols on each device. This is my first time putting a lab together period (but I do...

Static PAT for MS Exchange

Im having a weird issue; I can ping my exchange, connect to it remotely (rdp) through the internet eventhough I am specifying the ports in my static pat. If I add the  overload command to my Exchange pool then its blocking all the  unspecified ports ...

wissamnad by Beginner
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Resolved! Traffic Shaping - Confusion

Hello Everyone,I am a beginner on QoS and little bit confused so far, i saw an example such below: For example, to achieve a CIR (contract rate) of 128Kbps, the Cisco router will send 16000 bits (Bc = 128000 * 0.125) during the first interval and sto...

WAN VPN Outbound blocked

Greetings;   I have a router that I am using for basic NAT to replace a dead linksys.This config for better or worse it ok with one exception.   I cant VPN out to remote locations.Put in another linksys its ok, use the cisco router and no good.....  ...

Problem Hwic-4ESW 2 unit on chassis

Dear All,i have some issue with Hwic-4ESW, if i install one card(Hwich-4ESW) is working all port then i install one more card ( Hwic-4ESW) it not working.interface and vlan is up but from my PC to port Hwic-4esw not working. what is problem on this ?...

rechard_hk by Beginner
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Resolved! WAN Throughput/Bandwidth

Hi everyone,I need to choose a router with Policy Based Routing to support 2 Links (ISP), 8 servers and one server will be the Proxy Server for 350 users.For this case, I will use two Internet links and one is 30Mbps and the other is 4mpbs.I thought ...

BFD and Service provider

Hello, Imagine I have  MPLS CE routers connected to MPLS provider. In some sites I have NxT1, other sites Ethernet various speeds.All Cisco C2900 or C3900 ISR G2 devices. CE-PE routing protocol in all sites is BGPv4.Issue:- Service provider tells me ...

news2010a by Participant
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