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QoS Question - Show Status on Interface VLAN


Using an 1841 with an Ethernet WAN link and using a VLAN for the WAN circuit. I created an outgoing QoS Policy and assigned this to the VLAN interface. From the CLI, I can show policy-map of the VLAN interface and see packets being matched to the QoS policy, however, I would like to use the SDM to monitor the QoS Status - and it is not displaying the matched packets for the VLAN interface. I assume this is just a "feature" in regards to VLAN's. Can someone educate me? or point me to the correct documentation? or let me know what I may possibly be doing wrong?



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paolo bevilacqua
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Hi Tim,

In all honesty, gave up with SDM. There is always something that doesn't do, or doesn't do right.

If the value you're interested is pollable with SNMP (not sure now), get a grapher and point it to the right OID to monitor.

Historical graphing is the goal, however, most monitoring solutions aren't as granular as the 5 second updating that the SDM provides. In regards to the SDM, it is showing the information on physical interfaces (serial), just not for the VLAN which is why I believe I either have something configured wrong, or it's just inherant with "virtual" interfaces.


Hi, I use and recommend prtg, and can set polling interval as small as 1 second.

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