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Can you please recommend two Cisco routers for 100Mb & 200 Mb links. There won't be any VPN but planning to run BGP for a small-medium enterprise.


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Can we use for Cisco 2921 or 1941, provided they doesn't impact performance?

If you don't add many CPU-consuming services, it could work with these routers. Cisco recommends the 1941 for external speeds of 15 MBit/s and the 2921 for external speeds of 50 MBit/s. These are very conservative values, typically these routers can be used with much higher speeds given that not all possible services are activated on a router.

The 4000 ISR are of a newer generation and I would expect that they will be supported for a longer time then the ISR G2.

Have a look to attached guide; you can use 1941 or 2921 but be careful using additional services, including NAT/PAT that could significantly reduce performance.

run BGP for a small-medium enterprise.

Are you going to use BGP for Internet access ?  If so be careful on how many routes  the ISP will advertise,  this kind of router can't mange the full  BGP table from ISP.




We are using BGP for Multi Homing. There will be just a gateway to ISP. No table from ISP will be downloaded. NAT will be down on Firewall.

So if you have just some route, or just the default route, no service enable may be they could be enough  but for sure this is not a scalable solution because activating services could require a new router. 




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As the others have noted the 19xx (especially) and the 29xx series would both probably be undersized for 100 to 200 Mbps.  You would want to look at the 39xx or 4xxx series.  The latter and newer 4xxx series, I believe, offers more performance per $, and some of the 4xxx models support "soft" performance upgrades.

Depending on your feature needs, you might also look at some of the L3 switches.

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