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Redistribution issue of connected port in ospf

Mohd Nasir
Level 1
Level 1

In my network, on a router i have run ospf for wan connectivity and static route for LAN side. I have redistributed static in OSPF. 

Now i have connected a PC to the same router and want to redistribute connected in OSPF. When i redistribute connected the LAN side Static switch goes down. Any suggestion or help is apprciated


router ospf 100

redistribute connected
redistribute static metric-type 1 tag 35
network area 0
network area 0

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Sorry staitc route for LAN' what you meaning can you more elaborate.

We have conncted  L3 switch from this router on port GE0/0/1 and configured static route

ip route track 1 


Now connected a PC directly on R#1 on port GE /0/0/2 which have to redistribute in ospf 100

this pc connect using same subnet

no sir this pc ip is



are you use IP in PC same as SW subnet ?

No sir

We can not use same subnet ip as in switch . Asper IP schema we have to use different subnet from switch subnet

Try use subnet keyboard with redistribution and check again. 

ok sir i will try

Can we have any route-map or metric value variation so that we can only redistribute this connected PC ?

No need when you add subnet keyword it will auto redistribute only connect /32 host IP. 

Not working....

My PC ip is

Router interface ip is

When i redistribute connected subnets. Other connected switches become not reachable from DC

I Send you message

Martin L

"Static switch goes down" what do u mean ?

Regards, ML
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