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Jeff Berg

Reliable static routing backup via dialer

I'm having trouble getting my backup dialer to work using the Reliable static routing object tracking and was hoping someone could help.

I just went form a serial T1 link to a priivate tunnel via ethernet interface and so my backup dialer plan no longer functions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

here is my config

Tunnel in on segment

Dial up would be

attached is the config file   UPDATED

  Thanks to all                


Hello Jeff,

Normally you will need two default routes one that points to the main ISP and the other points to the second back ISP or link with object tracking on the main ISP normally you should give the main route lower administrative distance

for example :

ip route track 1 " Main route"

ip route  7 "Backup route"

In this case the main route to the ISP went down the backup route will take over and be installed in the routing table

Please refer the following link for more information

Hope this will help

Ahmed Sonab

what  tells the modem to start dial up?  this is not a ISP issue this is  point to point circuit

and I do not use "default route I use EIGRP to route anything on circuit ( tunnel ) for point to point

Got you now.  Normally the dial up interface will be on standby as long as the main interface is on line and since you are using an tunnel on an Ethernet interface than it will not show always since its connected to a switch or something  unlike the T1 when its goes down . so one solution is to use Event Manger and make it track your object  123 if it is down it should run some command that you can specify in your case in case the object went down it can make it run a commend

to bring the FastEtherent down this was your Dial up interface will be up and running you can use the following example

event manager applet WatchObject

event track 123 state down

action 2.0 cli command "enable"

action 2.1 cli command "config t"

action 2.2 cli command "interface FastEthernet0/1"

action 2.3 cli command "shutdown"

action 3.0 syslog msg "interface Dialer0 was brought up via EEM"

and then you write another one when it comes up but this time you make it bring the fastehterent0/1 up

Best Regards

Ahmed Sonba